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 Jagged Summit 
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 Oh, And Mountain Goats 

Mount Ellinor

Olympia's home mountain on the Olympic Peninsula

I love this mountain, and this website is dedicated to telling it's story and celebrating the trails to the summit, both in Summer and Winter.

Currently the site is my visual application for the American Alpine Club's 'Live your Dream' Grant powered by The North Face.

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 Mount Washington 

 A project by Mathias Eichler 

I climbed Mount Ellinor (5,944ft), one of the most popular peaks with a well marked trail several times, both in Summer and Winter.

Yet it’s hard to find good trip reports and descriptions for Mount Washington (6,260ft) which sits right next to it. And there’s no well-established and documented route for the traverse from Mt. Washington to Mt. Ellinor.

I want to establish and properly document both routes.

 Adventure STARTS SPRING 2015 

 American Alpine Club Live Your Dream Application 


Coming from Europe I am used to well-marked trails, established routes and good guide books. In the Pacific Northwest I am not quite comfortable with route finding and leading trips into the wilderness.

As a father who loves taking his family out to the mountains I want to become a leader on trails, even ones I haven’t climbed before.

Climbing Mount Washington and establishing the traverse to Mount Ellinor is a great next step for me in starting to take leadership on less frequented routes. But I also want to work on documenting trail reports and making Mount Washington and the traverse to Mount Ellinor more accessible to people who are looking for the next summit experience after they’ve climbed Mount Ellinor. My dream is to take my wife up to Mount Washington, and possible my kids next year.

 Mt Washington to Mt Ellinor Traverse 

 There's a mountain and it beckons to be climbed 

I’m a web designer, blogger, and videographer, and I own the domain I also publish a weekly newsletter and blog regularly. I want to fully document the traverse using photo and video and properly establish the route to Mount Washington and the Traverse to Mount Ellinor.

My goal is to post regular trip updates on my newsletter and blog as well as a complete a full trip report with video on the website I want to establish as the official home for those two mountains.

I’ve climbed several mountains in the Alps and in the Pacific Northwest throughout my life. I’m a strong day hiker and have some climbing experience back when I was teenager in Germany.

I want to learn route finding and establishing, and start leading hiking trips and take the first steps in scrambles and climbs.

Living in Olympia,Washington the trail head is only 90 minutes from my house. Mount Ellinor is Olympia’s home mountain. My goal is to climb the route several times this Summer to allow for proper documentation of both the climb of Mount Washington and the Traverse.

 Mount Ellinor dot com